Just a little bit about me and how i’m getting on so far in my scary 3rd year :S
So yeah, Hi, I’m Andy, this is my first blog for the website so hopefully it’ll be ok! I’m just starting my 3rd year now, been back a week now so i’m settling back into the swing of things. I’ve set myself a few realistic goals for this year which i feel under the circumstances shouldn’t be too difficult to adhere to. Last year was pretty bad for me personally, i had to deal first with a relationship breakdown and then family bereavment. All in all i didn’t have the best of times. The important thing for me is that i’ve managed to get back on track now and having managed to pass all my exams i feel like this year can only be an improvement. My experience with depression has included both myself being depressed and also myself dealing directly with others who’ve been depressed. Consequently i know just how frustrating it can be not only for those suffering from depression but also for those dealing with, perhaps, friends or maybe boyfriends/girlfriends who are suffering from depression. Essentially this is the reason i joined this blogring. I have become tired of the general attitude towards depression and i think those being effected by it need a source of help or indeed, information, which they can relate more personally to their circumstances rather than the potentially ill-informed media sources which view depression as a state of mind; something pathetic, rather than the illness which it clearly is. To return for a moment to me. I haven’t suffered a bout of depression for a considerable amount of time now. In fact, i’m probably the happiest i’ve ever been at the moment having worked through many of my deep rooted issues via a combination of direct confrontation with the problems i.e. talking to those concerned (mainly my parents) and also with the help of counsellors here at the university, who frankly, i can’t thank enough. Maintaining my current mood is something which i’m almost relishing, In my case, depression has never seemed too far away from my current situation however, at least for the moment i seem to have the upper hand so to speak. Initially when i was going to counselling i took up running as a means of a) giving myself time to think and b) releasing all those nasty endorphins people are always talking about. To be honest, i’m not even sure which endorphins do what or anything like that. All i know is that excersising regularly seems to do the trick for me the majority of the time. Simply giving myself time to think however is, i think perhaps, just as crucial. To better define that, i mean allowing myself to seriously consider what may be bothering me and then deciding whether it’s a problem which needs dealing with or whether as in most cases, it’s just me being stupid and worrying over nothing. If the latter is the case i have adopted the coping strategy of simply ‘letting go’. Not wanting to sound too pretentious here but seriously, half the stuff i consider to be important on a day to day basis, when i sit down and think about it is ultimately ridiculous stuff to worry about, so why bother? Right anyways, A bit more about me… I enjoy football, mainly watching it these days! I’m an avid Liverpool fan and so y’know, i can’t really complain about them at the moment. I also enjoy playing computer games; mainly on the Xbox360. I regualrly go to the cinema – Last film i saw was Tropic Thunder which was pleasantly surprising. Next one i’m seeing is Burn after Reading so hopefully that’ll be decent. I don’t really have any major dislikes, when i’m being myself i tend to get on with most people and i’m not easily offended. The one thing i really do hate is lying. I’ve had some pretty direct experiences of it in the last year and it’s something which just makes me lose such faith in people. Nevertheless, i remain optomistic about the human race and consequently i’m still a relatively trusting person always open to meeting new people despite having very well established friendship groups both at uni and at ‘home’. I think i’ll leave it at that for now anyways, i’m still not entirely sure what the best format for blogging is, as i’m completely new to the whole concept so there we go. That’s me…briefly 🙂 Adios

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Comment by Tomas posted on Tue, 28/10/2008 14:46

Impressive blog entry, imho) I agree dfinitely with you saying that exercise helps you get an improved look at things so you’re not so wound up. For me it enables me to look at things w/out unhelathy agitation which is maybe the key to problem-solving. I found later that it’s not enough tho, cos you get more and more pressure as you grow up and so find yourself in need of more relaxants, so I took up bodybuilding (man, you wouldn’t believe how much difference that makes – it changed my life, and that’s no joking) and dancing. Dancing’s pure fun. Hey, look, it’s not that expensive, there’s probs at least one dancing school in your area that you can google – why not take it up. you confidence will hit the roof, just stick with it. I agree also that sitting down and thinking about your problems is a great ways of dealing – that’s when youga comes in – you can just sit down and like break them all down, one by one, in manageable portions, then figure out a way of solving and jsut put down an action plan after. all you got to do is make out a number of achievable steps and just do it, one by one. It’s not a complex as it sounds, really, you just gotta make yourself do it. faith in humanity is a great thing. Liverpool, ugh! )))

Comment by Hannah posted on Sun, 19/10/2008 22:10

Hi Andy, welcome to the blog!

Comment by Charlie posted on Sat, 18/10/2008 11:10

I know exactly what you mean about it being almost fun to maintain your current mood when things are going well. Maybe it’s ’cause it can be such a contrast from how things were before, I dunno. D’you think running helps to clear your head because it distracts part of your mind so you’re a little removed? Swimming does that for me. Glad you’re doing okay at the moment =)