Been back for a month now, overall i’m pretty happy with things although there’s a couple of things i need to sort out.
Hi again, Despite saying i’ve been back for a month, it’s actually been a little longer. Anyway, that’s irrelavant; Uni is going alright, I’m just about managing to keep on top of all my work. I’ve really noticed the step up from 2nd year and the masses more reading which that brings! One of my modules this year is in politics. This is stressing me out somewhat as i’m feeling a bit out of my depth as everyone else is a politics major. Almost inevitably this stress has been tempting to avoid by just not going to my workshops, however, I feel as though i’m finally starting to be rewarded for my persistance as, this week, i seemed to ‘get’ the topic of discussion almost completely having studied it previously in another module. 🙂 Hopefully things on this front will continue to improve and i’ll stand a decent chance of passing! I also got my coursework titles last week which would normally be something i ignore until the few days before the deadline. Not so this time. I’ve already begun planning what to do and where to get my data etc etc, so i’m pretty pleased with myself. I quit one of my part time jobs recently which was quite hard. I decided to quit to give myself more time to write my dissertation however the reason it was a difficult decision was because the job was cleaning the flat of an elderly gentleman who is in his 70s and disabled. I quite get on with said person and hence telling him that he was going to need to advertise for a new cleaner was quite upsetting for him as he’s got a very high level of trust in me now, having employed me since January. I have my last shift this coming Wednesday so i’m hoping to make it a nice farewell. In other news, i’ve joined the student listening service this year which means i get to take phone calls from people who are either after information or simply someone to talk to. I’m quite looking forward to my first duty which is a week tomorrow. I’ve also enjoyed meeting some of the people within the service and naturally they’re all very nice! Another thing which is on my mind at the moment is my drug usage. I’m smoking too much canabib at the moment which is not something inherantly worrying me, however, i don’t want to get to the same point i did last year where i ended up developing anti-social behaviour and the symptoms of depression as (what i consider to be) the result of this. Essentially, i don’t mind that i’m smoking too much as long as i don’t let this affect my state of mind or my work ethic. The last point i really want to bring up this month is that i saw my ex for the first time sicne may last week. I was actually pretty pleased at how this made me feel as it almost didn’t make me feel anything. I don’t know how i’d expected to react but i just ended up going home and feeling normal, which was nice. Anyway, i think that’s about all this month, to be honest, it’s been a relatively quiet month, just loads of work, but i’m pleased with my attitude towards this which, since the somewhat dissappointing results of last year, seems to have really kicked in. So, i think all i can hope for in the next month is more of the same…and possibly less of the weed. We’ll see how that goes. Bye for now 🙂

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Comment by Tomas posted on Mon, 10/11/2008 19:42

Good stuff) Keeping up with work, objective approach, starting new things, keeping safe) NIce-T