Yeah…sorry about that. Just another catch up really. Bit worse of a month this time but not too bad.
Yep, it’s cold. That’s been the most notable change in the last month to be honest. My house has suddenly become what, when getting out of bed, seems like sub-zero. It’s crazy. We’ve got the heating on and it’ll still be really really cold. Anyway, now i’m just moaning 😛 This month has been a little more up and down than the last few. I don’t really feel as though i’m experiencing any form of low mood, i think i’m just not sleeping enough and consequently becoming a little irritable etc as a result. It’s only been in the last few days that i’ve started feeling anything negative at all anyway. A further reason this is happening is probably the fact that i’m starting to stress about the deadlines i have next week. I have 3 and although i’ve got 2 of the essays basically done, the one i have left to do is what i would consider the hardest. Another reason i’m stressing is because i’m also busy this weekend as i’m going to the Warehouse Project in Manchester. It’s a bit annoying really cos i should just be looking forward to it but i’m gonna end up feeling like i should be working instead. One way i’ve found to deal with this stress has been just giving myself a day off here and there. I know that might sound stupid, but if you just decide in advance that you aren’t going to do work on at least one day a week it makes that one day lovely. For me it’s Thursdays, on thursdays, i go to my 12 o clock lecture, my 1 o clock seminar, i meet my friend to complete the seminar task for the following week and then we both come back to my house and play video games or something like that. It just makes it nice when you know you’ve got something to look forward to. It’s good doing something with a mate too cos it encourages me to do my work on say, wednesday instead to avoid cancelling the usual on thursday, which so far neither of us have had to do! Anyway, what else have i been up to…Ah yes, i’m smitten. This i must say, is particularly irritating. Y’know that feeling you get where it’s like a crush, except you actually know the person so it’s based on something more than just physical aspects. The reason this is annoying me is because it plays on my mind a lot at the moment and i don’t want it to cos it seems very stupid. Trying to get romantically involved one week before everyone goes home for the vacation would be silly non? That isn’t the only reason anyway, the girl i like hasn’t long since split up with her boyfriend and hence i don’t want to ask her out cos if she’s having anything like the same experience i did, she won’t be intersted in having another relationship for a while….ah well, it’s nice to get this all off my chest! As i was saying, not long til i break up for the Christmas vacation. I’m only going back for Christmas Day and Boxing Day but i’m quite looking forward to it. Christmas isn’t really anything special for me these days, the last few have been pretty shit due to my mum’s boyfriends being round, who generally, i dislike. This year is no exception, however, this fella has been around for well over a year now, so i feel slightly less hostile towards him. I can certainly tollerate him for a day or so; or at least, that’s the conclusion i came up with. I’m working the rest of the vacation. Going to be upping my hours at the supermarket i work in and also i shall be working in the sense of my uni work. I have to make a decent start on my dissertation over Christmas unfortunately so i guess that’ll have to happen. In terms of uni work at the moment, i’m starting to lose a little motivation etc etc. I think it’s just because all the work is starting to mount up a bit, as it invariably will do towards the end of term. Luckily, the politics workshops which i mentioned last month have had to be cancelled due to my tutor needing to give birth. Shame… 😛 In all seriousness though, i am glad they’ve been cancelled because it means i will now have tuesday off. This is particularly useful for the last week, as my first deadline is on wednesday, meaning that if i don’t manage to get it done by the end of this week, as is my plan, i can finish it then instead. Tomorrow i have a Christmas meal to attend with ‘Nightline’ people. Quite looking forward to that, should be nice to get to know some of them and find out how all our first shifts went. Incidentally, mine was fine. No drama really. Also this week, if i can manage to swap shifts on wednesday someone i know from work has offered me a ticket for the Mighty Boosh which i would take him up on if, indeed, i can get the day off. Busy busy busy. So, to conclude this blog, this month has been much like this entry, a little long for my liking and with lots happening at the same time. Hopefully once all the deadlines are passed things will calm down a bit. As for my being smitten. Well, that’s probably just going to annoy me now 😛

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Comment by Anala posted on Sat, 27/12/2008 20:01

I love what you said about taking a day off now and then, with a friend. It’s a great motivator! Usually when I procrastinate, I end up feeling guilty because I’ve usually spent a good few hours on Facebook which was a complete waste of time! It’s definately something I’m going to aspire to work on. I’ve got some friends coming to visit in March from France, so that’s a definite motivator for me to work on my project sooner than later so I can spend time with them! End of year is always so busy isn’t it! But it’s good to hear that you’re keeping positive and on top of things, this time of the year can be so difficult and it’s easy to fall behind. Crushes are always great! What cheers me up especially is a bit of eye candy, there’s this one guy in Psychology that I love eyeing up. Haha, I’m such a sneaky perv. But hope the season has been treating you well, and a Happy New Year!

Comment by Sarah posted on Mon, 08/12/2008 21:02

I just handed in all my work last week and I too was starting to stress over one particular piece of work. I just kept thinking about how relieved I would feel once its all done, that seemed to help as I got excited about finishing it all. I think its good to give yourself goals, why should life be all about work? I managed to get my last piece of work finished just in time for me to go to my work Christmas party, I was well chuffed! Sarah

Comment by Tomas posted on Thu, 04/12/2008 17:32

Sorry for the typos) Too lazy to check the spelling)

Comment by Tomas posted on Thu, 04/12/2008 17:31

Hey, it’s great you can work and keep friends – it’s a lot more than some people do. Like people will clam up and nothing will move them. Then their low moods become part of a vicious circle which is really hard to put an end to because, because, being a ring, it has no end or beginning or points of intervention. Which, imho, is not the case here, so I’m glad. As always, there’s a lot of pressure with the academic year in full swing and all, so a little lazy time is just in time. All workis no play, ugh) And you have a dissertation! Certainly some work. I gotta congratulate you on being smitten. It’s better to have been in love than not to have been in love, no? Hey, I always found that music helps with irritability. Esp when you’re busy busy busy.