New Year, New Blog. My Christmas in some detail and how i’m feeling about term re-starting.
Hello again, hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. Mine were lovely to be perfectly honest. I’m back in my house again now having been at my mums for just a couple of days. I can honestly say that it was one of my better Christmas’s. I spent the day with my mum, her boyfriend and one of my older brothers. Usually the set up is much the same, however both my brothers are there. This normally leads to us all regressing to the age we all were when we lived together and consequently arguing a lot! I think this year, because my oldest brother was at his girlfriends house, there was less of a cause for my other brother to show off or whatever it is he does when he feels the need to be a prick to me… I got back to my home town on Christmas eve and went to the pub with some mates. I only stayed there for a little while before heading to where my brother was; i had only intended on going to meet him for a casual pint as i wasn’t feeling too well, however, we ended up going to a lock in and from there, going back to my house with some of his mates and having a bit of a smoke. The night ended with us both lying on our kitchen floor laughing at my cat anyway! Strange night really, but thoroughly enjoyable. My NYE was equally enjoyable. I had a few mates from home come up to see me as well as some mates from uni, then basically just had a bit of a party. It was really really nice to see my mates in a casual setting and with no pressure on anyone to do anything they didn’t want to. Was just a proper chilled out atmosphere in which everyone could do as they wanted. Anyway, that just about takes me up to where i am now. I’ve had a ten hour shift at work today which has somewhat taken it out of me, however, my gran and dad are coming to visit me tomorrow so that’s something to look forward to 🙂 Unfortunately i haven’t had chance to even think about my dissertation yet which is something i hope to remedy on monday as i’m not in work again now, until next friday. I seriously need to get some work done on that or else i’m going to be ridiculously stressed when i start term again the following week and will inevitably end up falling behind on work. Oh yeah, in other news, someone tried to mug me on tuesday. That was pretty annoying…i ended up pushing them away and legging it but it just annoyed me that people think they have the right to other peoples money etc etc. Aside from that, i wasn’t too shaken up. My new years resolution is to cut down my use of canabis as it’s all too well known, it doesn’t do any good for depression and it just doesn’t really do much good for anything else either these days frankly. I also aim to start running seriously again once term starts as that really improved my mood. Despite the fact that my mood has been really quite good over the festive season i feel it’s important for me not to now sit back and relax as moods have never tended to stay particularly consistent for me. Anyway, i think i’ll leave it at that for now. There isn’t really a great deal else for me to say, besides which, i’m very very tired! Night.

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Comment by Daniel posted on Sat, 31/01/2009 19:10

Great to hear you’ve taken up running, training and doing the half-marathon gave me some very fond memories, and getting a natural buzz is great, especially in the winter when you don’t get as much as that lovely sunshine. Well cannabis is now a class B, so that should help put you off it a bit! They really can’t seem to make their minds up about it. If you were a bit unhappy last term with things, did you think at all over the holidays about what you might want to change this term?

Comment by Andy posted on Mon, 19/01/2009 17:51

Yeah, i find running a massive help. Been going fairly regularly again this term. Like you say Tomas, it’s the first steps which are the hardest and my body was certainly feeling it after the first few times! Once you get back in the mind set of going regularly though, it gets so much easier and it’s just great for getting your mind off other things.

Comment by Tomas posted on Thu, 08/01/2009 19:27

Hmmm…so I’m not the only one…does running actually have a good effect on mood??? That’d be interesting to know. Just started running every morning. And, unlike swimming, it’s omnilocateous and free of charge. I’m wasted by the end of the day but it’s worth it. Anyway, that’s just the initial stage. It’s always like that with sports. Always hard to make the first step/get back into it. Just be sensible) That New Year seemed like fun, too. Are things looking up? You do seem much happier with yourself. I wonder…Ah! Where do you work?

Comment by Charlie posted on Sun, 04/01/2009 16:05

Hey, glad you had such a good Christmas/New Year. And that you didn’t actually get mugged. That would’ve been rubbish. Trying to pre-empt stress is a pretty good idea too, ’cause it means you’re at least prepared for it if you don’t do as much work as you’d like. And yeah, one of my resolutions is to go swimming more. Shame it involves money like, but it does help. Happy (or bearable?) New Year =)