If the year started badly, you have nothing to lose right?
New Year’s Eve. Terrible. Let’s just leave it at that. But if the start of the year is rubbish than it can only get better right? I’ve been having on and off blue moments, but some of it is linked to hormones and wotnot really. It’s just hit me really, that I have 5 months of uni left, and I actually feel settled in now and I’m having an amazing time that I’m going to miss it, so so so much :(. I do wish uni was 4 years here standard, packing everything in 3 years is just too much! I’m making a concerted effort to keep up with my CBT this year, hopefully it can only get better?

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Comment by Anala posted on Tue, 24/02/2009 02:20

Hey Tomas, sorry for the late reply. Ha hormonal problems – not due to being pregnant or anything don’t worry, that time of the month I meant! I’m studying Psychology and I’m in my final year, really stressing because I keep getting crap marks in my essays, and its so hard to get things done. I know I havn’t been around for a while, but I will make more of an effort now, it does help to write things down.

Comment by Tomas posted on Mon, 26/01/2009 20:57

Would you mind giving a little more information so I can try to get this right? I’m not gonna ask you to spill unless you want to yourself, so the questions are like – why do hormones play such a big part? Cos I can imagine only one situation why they would. Also, What are you studying at Uni and at what level? I’ve gone through the background information but due to, perhaps, but limited abilities (two brain cells weakly trying to sparkle in the damp and nothing’s happening, lol) couldn’t find what it was. Um, yeah, this is the hardest part to say. I think that you will find it helpful to try to get understood by talking more/blogging, but that, again, is entirely up (or down) to you. Are you finishing Uni? What will you do when you finish? Thoughts on being someone? Is that something you want to do, like, really? It seems like a tactical bombardment and by no means are you forced to answer all of the questions, or any – am just curious-T