…inside my room! Why is it so hot … makes it difficult to study.
Yah, the heat is bothering me – I go for a walk everyday to get a break from revision so I can some sun and air – but it’s 2.30am and my room is so stuffy (yes I have opened the windows!). My first exam is next week… actually my first two. I feel nowhere enough ready for it… and things that have happened this week have made me doubt that I can actually get this degree… if I’ll even pass. I know, people say to me ‘Isn’t it better to get a 3rd than fail?’ Well no actually, I didn’t go to university and at the end of it to show that’s all I’ve got for it. I wanted a 1st so badly, I know that isn’t going to happen, but I was aiming for a 2:1… but what’s happened I can’t do anything about it until after exams. My tutor told me to concentrate on my exams and do the best I can in them, and not worry so much about what I can change. I’ve just had to push it to the back of my mind. Still it’s hard =(, I need to just focus – FOCUS ANALA. As I mentioned before, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. I have to accept that I can’t change the past, and have the focus and determination to change my path and I know the difference. And I’ve been studying optimism as part of my one of my modules – and positive thinking really does help, ‘statistically’ (God I hate statistics). I will pass and I won’t fail, and I will do well, because I have the intelligence, capacity and knowledge to do it. And I’ll stop moping and get to it. Wish me well guys, some over the net hugs would be appreciated (please) 🙁

Comments Posted

Comment by Tomas posted on Tue, 19/05/2009 19:55

How did they go? How did they go?

Comment by Tomas posted on Mon, 18/05/2009 15:55

Omg now all the order in my head that me and Anala so carefully built is gone w/out a trace. Ok, back to square one))) I guess I’m gonna stop making other people make decisions for me and just do a choice and then accept the responsibility for it. Easy doesn’t enter in grown-up life. I’m done theoretizing. And that’s that.

Comment by Daniel posted on Sun, 17/05/2009 23:55

HUG. I was tempted to just leave it at that…..I did plough through most of the conversation below but I’m so tired I’ve already forgotten most of it. Personal feelings aside (I’m certain at the moment that I would rather play about than be in a relationship), if you’re having feelings of loneliness and wanting someone around, maybe another go at a relationship might not be a bad idea. They can be awesome, if you find the right person (cheese….extra mature) and you’re in the right sort of head space. And Tomas, chase whatever it is you want, don’t let self-righteousness get in the way, you only get one shot at life. Oh, good luck Anala 😀

Comment by Tomas posted on Sun, 17/05/2009 19:38

Yeah, hey, you’ll laugh but I’ve printed off your post and put it on my night table) All good girls go to heaven, all bad girls go to London) I’m leaning towards Kingston. Cos I’m a bad girl)

Comment by Anala posted on Sun, 17/05/2009 01:53

Aww thanks Tomas, that means a lot :). Although being bad does feel pretty good.

Comment by Tomas posted on Sat, 16/05/2009 15:09

I think I’ll just stick with your advice and be a good boy) You do make a lot of sense. She liked me before he was there and if it’s worth anything she’ll walk my way. If not, there’s no use forcing her. The only thing I think of to contradict that is that the right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same thing. But hey, since when was there any logic in love?

Comment by Anala posted on Fri, 15/05/2009 23:09

Tomas, I own the Aladdin boxset. I think that to an extent, all is fair and love and war. It just depends on what your definition of fair is.

Comment by Anala posted on Fri, 15/05/2009 23:08

Sesame Street?? Edward Cullen is from Twilight!

Comment by Tomas posted on Mon, 11/05/2009 18:21

Never been a fan of Sesame Street, I’m sorry. Ahhh…okkay…I think I can be reasonably certain I can chage anythinh I want in my life. The only thing is – I dunno if you’ve seen the original Aladdin – getting someone is hellishly difficut, maybe just because it takes two. It’s a question of principle. Do I steal a girl? Do I not? It’s a question of morality. I refer you to the corresponding post. It’s interesting through that I’ve just found a purse with some good money in and gave it in to the reception without a second thought. I’m not saying this to boast, I don’t think that just doing one right thing will pass for redemption or that it’ll make me good – I’m saying it because I can’t seem to be able to do otherwise. So I’m losing her…Or is it true that in love and at war there are no rules? learly ncosufed I’m .

Comment by Anala posted on Mon, 11/05/2009 18:08

It’s ok Tomas, don’t worry, all I need is to dream of Edward Cullen (mmmmmmmmmmm)

Comment by Tomas posted on Fri, 08/05/2009 16:03

Ohhh okay…no I can’t think of anything sensible to say in light of the recent events…you know what they say about the problem with the forbidden fruit, that after it everything tastes sour? Anyway…it sucks, independence, and it’s surprisingly difficult, getting out of it…am currently desperately trying to fond the solution for thta same problem so I can’t advise you any, I’m afraid)

Comment by Anala posted on Thu, 07/05/2009 19:38

Awww, thank you Tomas for your amulet. Sorry been a hectic time, got 2 exams left only, thank god. I wish I had someone around, you know? Relationships just don’t work for me. I was walking through Parliament Square, it was such a beautiful night and all I could think about how I wish I had someone to share it with. So I did what any self-respecting girl would do, bought a Magnum and went home to read Twilight *sigh*

Comment by Tomas posted on Mon, 27/04/2009 13:58

Hang in there) Before you know it it’ll be over. That’s some pretty nasty stuff you’re going through right now and that is why you’ve been awarded this protectful amulet to help you through the strenuous times. It is also composed of monetary symbols to aid fend off financial shallowness. See below. Good luck. Although I know you don’t need it to pass. Tell me more. What’s with the lonesomely blues? ________________$$$$$$$$$_$____$_$________________ ________$$$$$$$$____________$$_$_$________________ _____$$__$$____________________$_$________________ ____$$_$___$_____________________$________________ ____$_$___$_________________$$___$________________ ____$_$__$$___________$$$$$$$_____$_______________ ____$__$_$_________$$$________$$__$_______________ _____$$_______$$$_$_____$$_____$________$$$$$$$___ _______$$$_______$_____$$$______$$____$$__$$$__$__ _________$______$________$___$__$____$$_$$___$$_$_ _________$______$_______$$$$$___$___$$_$$____$__$_ __________$_____$$____$$_______$____$__$_____$__$_ ___________$$____$$__________$$$$$$$___$___$$__$$_ _____________$$____$$_____$$$_____$_____$$$____$__ __________$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$______$____________$__ _______$$_______$______$____$_____$___________$___ _____$$_________$______$____$_____$$_________$____ ___$$___________$_______$___$$$__$$$________$_____ __$____________$$$_______$$$___$$___$______$______ _$$__________$$___$____$$____________$___$$_______ _$__________$______$$$$______________$_$$_________ $$_________$_________________________$____________ $__________$_________________________$____________ _$_________$________________________$_____________ _$$________$_______________________$$$____________ ___$$____$$_______________________$__$$___________ _____$$$$$$$$$________________$$$$_____$__________ ___$$_________$$$________$$$$$__________$_________ __$_____$________$$_$$$$$__________$$$$$$$$$$_____ _$___$$$__$$_______$_____________$$__________$$___ _$__$_______$$______$__________$$______________$$_ _$__$_________$$____$___$$____$_____$$$$$$$$____$$ __$_$___________$____$_$_$___$$___$$________$$___$ __$$_$__________$___$$$___$$$$___$____________$__$ ___$$__$________$___$________$__$_____________$$$_ _____$$__$$$$$$$__$$__________$__$____________$$__ _______$$$$$$$$$$&

Comment by Anala posted on Mon, 27/04/2009 04:04

Thanks Tomas, that means a lot. Yeah something like that, but for once it has something to do with my work. Got a deadline at 12pm tomorrow, exam on Tues and exam on Weds… arrrghh. Listening to some old skool Monica to relax me, I’m all in study mode, deactivated my Facebook and all (ha). Yet I’ve got this awful heartburn, I honestly think it’s stress related, I’ve never had heartburn this bad. I honestly felt like I was having a heart attack, that’s how bad it felt =S, at 6am Sunday morning… obviously no shops open so couldn’t go and get any antacids. Went on the net, looked up household remedies. Bicarb and water – didn’t work, bicarb, lemon and water – slightly. Spoonful of mustard – nope. =S Couldn’t find vinegar, and my flatmates have 50 million varieties of soy sauce, but no vinegar. Typical. Finally I tried gum, AND IT WORKED. Saliva production… lovely. Ergo did not sleep very well, went and got some Gaviscon soon as Sainsburys was open but arrrgh. It still hurts, not as bad as yday, but still pretty bad. I have the feeling it’ll flare up during my exams, I could always fall on the floor and fake a heart attack – because hey if I didn’t realise it was heartburn – I would genuinely think it was a heart attack. You can’t fail someone for heart failure can you? PS. Thanks for the kisses, really cheered me up :). I’m just a bit sick and tired to be honest, and of being on my own as well 🙁 xoxo

Comment by Tomas posted on Sat, 25/04/2009 15:50

xoxoxo MMMWWWAH!

Comment by Tomas posted on Sat, 25/04/2009 15:48

Things happening to make you think you may not have what it takes? what a load of crap…why wouldn’t you? I for one can tell who can and who can’t pass…or do you mean external circumstances?