Perfect weather for fighting off the blues
I genuinely believe it’s a lot harder to get down about things when the sun is out… Sorry if anyone isn’t feeling the same, but i just can’t be sad in weather like this. It’s beautiful! Had a pretty good week this week. I had a post exam blowout which let the steam off and this coming week i’m planning on having a bit more of a chill out. BBQs, sunbathing and alcohol are probably in order. I’ve started reading enjoyable books again too. No more acaedemia for me for a while i think. I’m reading a book called ‘Spies’. Dunno if it’s supposed to be any good or not but it’s certainly nice to have the prospect of a read involving narrative and imagination as opposed to instructions, explanations and boredom! I have a decent month lined up too. I’m seeing 2manyDjs this weekend, it’s my birthday the following week, i’m going for a meal with the family the week after that, the next week i’m seeing Kings of Leon and Blur and finally i’m going to Gran Canaria on the 27th which really should round off an excellent month. 🙂 For now i’m concentrating on enjoying myself while i’m still free from the real world i.e. job hunting and moving house. On that note i think i’m going to return to the sunshine. It’s just not blogging weather today i’m affraid. I shall endeavour to post something a little more substantial before the end of the month though; I certainly have enough to talk about, what with the whole ending of an era feeling i’ve got going on ALL THE TIME! Honestly, it’s all i seem to be able to talk about at the moment. My friends are probably getting sick of it now 😛

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Comment by Daniel posted on Wed, 03/06/2009 15:31

Blur….nice! Yeah it is incredible weather and it seems to make everyone happy. Why are we all living in this country again….?

Comment by Charlie posted on Tue, 02/06/2009 17:46

Ooh, I’m seeing Blur too! Can’t decide if it’ll be worth the £50 to watch a bunch of middle-aged men jump around to Parklife, though… I agree about the sun, it’s definitely a good thing. And is Spies by Michael Frayn? If so I’ve read it, and it’s really rather good, from what I remember.

Comment by Tomas posted on Tue, 02/06/2009 16:15

Uh-uh, no chance you’ve read my blog, is there? Lol…hey! Plagiatry is punishable by death 😀