Just closing the curtains on thsi blog really. My results, my plans for the future… this kinda thing.
So, here it is. The end. Not a bad thing though neccessarilly. I’ve had a really good year frankly. By and large, my moods have been good, and i’ve really had a chance to sort my head out a bit now that i’ve been single for a year. First things first. My degree. Got my result yesterday and i have to say i was gob-smacked. Got a 2.1. which i seriously had ruled out completely. I’m at home at the moment so i only got the result emailed to me and not the breakdown of my grades, but i can only assume i nailed the exams and based on all my other grades i was looking at a 2.2 for sure. So yeah, that was a massive bonus for yesterday. I also had a nice day yesterday. Drove to Llandudno in Wales with my Gran, which is where we scattered my Grandads ashes. I know that sounds quite a misserable day but it really wasn’t. The weather was amazing, we had lunch, then got ice creams and sat by the sea. Gave us both a chance to think about my Grandad in a positive way and just remember him really. The rest of the week has been decent too. I went to see Kings of Leon with my friend from back home and in spite of not being nearly as big a fan of them as she is, i really enjoyed myself. I’ve also enjoyed seeing friends at home this week as i think i needed to in order to perk myself up a bit. I’d had a really bad week the week before y’see. Met up with someone i used to be sort of romantically involved with in the first year and apparently still like a lot now. Found out they’ve now split up with their boyfriend so apparently my sub-conscious thought it would be fun to make me have one of those dreams where everything is perfect, in which i was with this girl and like i say, everything was perfect. Unfortunately, upon waking up i realised i had just been in bed for the previous 6 hours and none of those events in my head had actually happened. That was not a fun realisation. Put me in a bad mood for the rest of the week. I also finished working for nightline last week. That’s been a really good experience to be honest. It’s also improved my confidence on the phone a lot, which up until this year had been very poor indeed. What i have to look forward to know is (apart from, i suppose, the world of work) holidays 🙂 I’m off to Gran Canaria tomorrow with two of my best friends from home. Can’t wait. Sorted out insurance and money etc today so now i feel quite excited 😀 I’m also seeing Blur tonight in Manchester which i cannot wait for! My graduation is in July and after that i’m off to Amsterdam with my cousin. When i get back from there i’m going to go to the Big Chill festival and then potentially Alicante with some more friends from home. After that i’m off to Creamfields in August and then.. really then… i have to get a job. Only reason i have to get a job is to fund more travelling as i hope to go to Cambodia, Vietnam and India in Feb/March of next year. Should be good. Anyway, i am sure that the next year will hold a wealth of oppurtunities for everyone and not just me. In any case, it’s been a really good experience writing a blog. Who knows; maybe i’ll do it again some day. Hope everyone has amazing summers… well, amazing lives i guess. Much Love. Bye. 🙂

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Comment by Tomas posted on Thu, 02/07/2009 23:35

Amazing lives, yes. Indeed. No fate but what we make kinda thing. I’m also jealous. What else. Well done on the degree results, again, I hope I will be able to say that too, soon. It’s been good working with you, too. No regrets, right? I guess there’s just no point in looking back in anger. I’ll just be looking forward to selected things, like you, and hope that love doesn’t leave me or leave me broken. Don’t you think though that even though you go through all these things and you get hurt and all but it would be infinitely worse if you didn’t?

Comment by Sarah posted on Mon, 29/06/2009 20:01

Well done for your results, sounds like things are going pretty well for you. I’m jealous about all the fun things you’re gonna do. Oh and definitely go to India, I spent 2 months there after I finished uni first time round, was brilliant.