How I’m dealing with it so far

Hi Everyone,

I’m Alma.  I’d love to say that today is a good day, but it’s not.  Reading my own story left me gutted and I’m not sure how to shake this feeling today.  I’ve spent so much time this past year running from depression…keeping myself busy…to avoid it.  I know it’s not a solution, but it’s worked so far.  Today I can’t run.  Today I have to face it….my story, my history, my emotions, and my reason for being here.

Depression challenges me to find new ways to deal with overly intense emotions.  Right now, I guess I have to just have these emotions and hope I find some semblance of balance.  I miss my mates.  I miss my kids.  Today I feel lost.

Wishing you all a better day




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Comment by Alma posted on Sat, 07/11/2009 14:37

Thanks Lucy

x *Alma*

Comment by Lucy posted on Sun, 01/11/2009 18:23

Hi Alma! Don’t worry I think everyone felt like this when reading their stories but that itself is a brilliant step! To have to face your depression is a major step to get over it! I hope you are a little better now with it all! I would strongly recommend not running from your depression though as it will live with you for longer. I had it since I was 7 until I was about 16 then had a year break and now its still haunting me. Over half of my life really I have been depressed just because I ran away from it. Really facing up to it and making myself realise that how i felt I shouldnt be ashamed of or feel guilty about really helped me move on! I know its easier said than done but hopefully one day, with all our help, you will find the strength 🙂