Feeling ok….it feels nice

So when depression hits I feel like I just can’t sleep enough or eat enough carbs (sugar, bread, crisps). I also feel heavy and like I can’t do anything well. I also can’t imagine going to the gym.

And then when I feel better I feel completely the opposite. Right now I’m eating well, sleeping pretty well and going to the gym, erm, when I can.

I suppose it’s always in the back of my mind – when is it going to come back? I don’t fear it, but I certainly don’t like my depression.  But I guess I’ve gone through so many ups and downs that I can say I know it’ll end. Sometimes it’s short – just a month – and sometimes my depression can go for months at a time. But I feel like now I’m in a good place.

How does everyone else feel when they’re well? Do you, like me, worry – or fear – its return?

Hope you’re all doing well —

Aron x