So the fear has set in. The fear of exams coming up. The fear of being assessed. The fear of having to resit if I fail!

Yes, I am happy to confirm that the fear has in fact set in. I’m shitting myself with how much I have to learn over the next month and a bit: Facts, figures, appropriate management techniques.

But suprisingly I’m doing fine. In fact, I find that when I get into the exam zone that I don’t have time to think about myself. I don’t have time to consider any negative feelings let alone get down about them. Studying for me is like autopilot. I know exactly how to do it and when. My technique is good and produces results that I’m happy with.

So, in a sense, exams and exam season is a good thing for me mentally. In fact, I sort of feel like I always want to be in exam season so that I am just always on the ball, mentally alert, and not thinking about me or the dark feelings I feel from time to time.

I’m really curious to know if others find something to help distract them from their depression. Am I unique in this? I’m interested to hear what others have experienced…

A x


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Comment by Iona posted on Mon, 03/05/2010 20:27

Hi Aron,

Good luck for your exams!  I find exam time easier for a different reason – I like being able to organise my own time and not having so many demands on it during the revision period.  Regarding distraction – I found that dance routines and music were really useful to me!


Comment by Rees posted on Sat, 01/05/2010 22:28

Hi Aron,

Just a quick comment to wish you the best of luck in your exams! I don’t personally care enough to let exams distract me, but I know what you mean about finding something to take your mind off it and following that feeling. Personally I find comedy works well, preferably stand-up but sitcoms too. Though there’s probably irony to be found in lying around watching Cheers in order to forget how hard you find connecting with people.