I just came in to say good bye

Well, I thought I would post one final time as this blog comes to an end. I wanted to share a reflection with you all as sort of a parting point. I think it will sum up the year of blogging I’ve done and give you, the reader, an idea of where I am now and where I feel I’m headed.

So I began this blog back in September where I was dealing with feelings brought on by an issue with a flatmate the year before. I felt depressed and wanted an avenue to explore my feelings. This blog offered me that. So over the year I’ve shared my story with all of you. I can only hope there is something to be gleaned from my words. Hopefully someone out there reading my entries could identify the feelings I tried to impart in my blogs. I learned that I have to just take people for who they are and not impart so many expectations on them. It`s unrealistic and unhelfpul in forming lasting relationships. I also know that I have to create my own path in life and not let the expectations of my parents get in the way. I need to live my life for me and me only.

I’ve gone through all my entries – partly to reminisce, and partly to remind myself of what I felt at different points throughout the year. Overall, I think I’ve given you all a good idea of who I am. This venue, an anonymous blog, was the ideal environment to voice my inner thoughts and personal feelings. I am far too private as a person in my everyday life to share anything of this nature with anyone else. I’ve been incredibly honest in what I’ve written in the entries and found that it was liberating to do so. I just might continue writting down my inner thoughts and feelings now that this blog is over simply because it has been so helpful. I can see where my headspace was and, in future entries, can see where it’s gone to next.

I also have to say I really benefited from reading everyone elses blogs. I feel like I’ve really gotten to know some of you quite well. In fact, there are a few of you bloggers who could definitely persue a career in writing as your entries are just so detailed about your inner self. I felt that, despite not knowing who you are, you displayed yourself so well in words that I feel like I know you – the real you. I guess that means the blog worked it’s magic and let us open up in the type of place where you can and not feel exposed.

And on that note I wish all the bloggers all the absolute very best in your futures. I know from reading your blogs you are all smart, intelligent people with amazing stories. You’ve all helped with your insightful comments on my posts and I hope I’ve been able to help some of you with my replies.

Oh, and where am I going from here? Well, off for the summer in a weeks time, and then back for another year in the Autumn. I can’t wait. But I’ll be doing it all with a clearer mind and a better understanding of who I am. And for the future, I’ll keep writing my thoughts down.

So bonne chance et bon courage à tous! I wish you all the very best in your futures.

Aron x


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Comment by Rees posted on Mon, 14/06/2010 22:36

Thanks very much for your kind words of encouragement and wishes for the future… I’m glad you’ve taken something away from the experience and that you find yourself in a better place than you were a few months ago… isn’t that what we’re all hoping for really?

The best of luck to you moving on!