It is that time of yeat when you’ve been happy with acceptance or sad from rejection of Uni places. It’s a rough ride getting there, but when you get there I think there is some satisfaction in it.

I have had to deal with both rejection and acceptance and neither I have easy.

Rejection is always a bitch and hurts, particularly in this case when it’s your 1st choice. I felt angry that the Uni had not even given me a chance especially as this year doing an Access course has proven that I am fully capable of academically achieving. The UCAS system just does not provide enough opportunity to sell your full potential. Any how, I got over the anger after exploring all possible avenues to gain an opportunity of an interview with this Uni. That made me feel like I didn’t give up so easy.

And then acceptance, I mean of course I am happy to get a place at A UNI. Particularly under the circumstance in the UK at the moment with the fee rise year year. Twice as many applicants this year. I mean I was competing for a place from approximately 2000 students with only 50 or less places available. Therefore acceptance into Uni was definitely something to be happy about. But then another acceptance came along and now I am in the position of having to choose. Annoying.

Do you go to the Uni that everyone is saying is much better where none of my current class mates are going to or do you go to the other Uni that isn’s so popular but there are people from your class going there?

I have grown close to people at college. It has honestly made me feel a part of something in society. My therapist asks me if I am feeling alone. But honestly, no I don’t particulary when I am at college or at home studying because I know that I am in the same position as others from my college. And I think we have grown close, emails go around amongst us and lunch time we spend out time nattering.

I guess it is going to feel like a loss anyway because we are all going to be separated when we all go to the different uni’s that we have chosen or got into, even if it wasn;t your first choice.

I say to myself, but when I started college I didn’t know anyone. I mean it did take time to be part of the groups that were forming around me. But eventually I got there and “came out of my shell” as the others in my class put it. Surely I can do it again right? And I am going to Uni for an education not for the people. But I guess it helps when you make friends along the way and help each other out.

Stick with the people that I know and go to a not so great uni apparently……..?????

This uni starts placement in year 1, which is appealing to me as I prefer the hands on approach. The other unis do not start the placements until year 2 and 3.


Go the uni that is apparently much better but away from people…….?????

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.