Heya guys, must apologise the abscence of an april entry, I think it was a mix of other stresses and lack of time to get on to a computer, but April was a collaboration of money worries and impending exams, however, managed to pay for my holiday and passport so after my last exams, two weeks later and im flying out!! cannot wait, its my first flight out ever

May, of course similiar with all students is exam pressure and this has totally dominated all my friends lives,

All i need is ABB, but already have an A from last year so really i shouldnt be stressing but Am just so nervous about upcomion exams. x

Anyway, aside from the usual exam stresses, was thinking about SAD the other day and just wondering how everyone has got on the last few months and the fact this this project is almost over for us,

Trying to interact with more people recently but i think that its easier to post comments on pages of people who you have already commented before.

I know this could never happen, but it would be nice to meet everyone at the end of the project, but thats niether here nor there atm, just a little conjecture on my part.

Anyway guys, this is very short and sweet as im currently in Law so had to rush lol

Hope everyone is okay and getting on well, GOOD LUCK IN EXAMS!

Of course will let everyone know how im getting on x