Over the past few months, most of my blogs have been about tidious everyday things and its hard to write something thats real and honest.
So over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking – what is Depression?

Now, everyone using this website has obviously suffered with depression but the interesting thing is that all of us have been depressed by different things, some things after reading other people’s blogs, have seem really inanimant to me as i dont think i would have got depressed over those issues.

We all know depression is now a somewhat recognised “illness” but its clearly not homogenous, We all know that cancer affects people is a very similar degree.

So, my only definition, albeit slightly vague, Is this!

Depression is a self imposed mental state

The reason i concluded this was A. Everyone is affected by different things, and similar things wont usually affect everyone in the same way.
after looking at some common issues;

Love: Some people will never ever become depressed because of love, yes, we may become hurt as a result but it wont always cause depression.

Money: Students especially stress about their finances but we’re not the only group, again, is it money that depresses us or the effects of the lack of money.

Weight: Some people get seriously depressed over their weight issues, I however do not think i was depressed as a result but i certainly knew it was an issue that i had to deal with,

These common factors led me on to new questions and new theories,

Depression renders a person so free from rational thought that simple and straightforward issues become paramount and crushing.

If you can ask yourself this questions when your in a depressive state, then maybe it will provide a constructive way to highlight and isolate single issues.

1. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? (this can be anything, not necessarily a big problem but anything, solving the little things will help you solve the biggest thing)
2. HOW CAN I GO ABOUT FIXING THIS? ( i know this is a very simply and almost naive way to look at it but if you ask yourself these things then it may go to helping you overcome your depressive state)

Example – 1. Im overweight!

2. I’ll cut out those fatty foods, and start walking more.

Okay, I know this is a very very naive and almost too simplistic approach but from my experience, when your in a depressive state then you cannot ask yourself these questions.

And, many little problems go towards aiding depression so fixing the little things may go about helping the bigger problems.

Guys, Hopefully some of you will have read this and i would really appreciate some feedback to see if you’ve tried this method or can see any weaknesses or strengths in it.
Cheers Guys,

Hope Everyone is okay!

Much Love Muffins xx