Hello, well, my student blogging has come to an end, so this will be my last blog.

It certainly has been an up and down journey. Reading back on my blogs it feels like a rollercoaster that we go through daily. A lot has happened for me in this last year and to be honest, none of it would have been possible for me without the support that I have recieved for my mental health issues.

I never thought that I would one day see a future for myself, never never, It always looked dark and lonely at the end of the tunnel, never light, bright and happy. If I am honest, te future still looks daunting but it no longer looks dark or lonely just scary but exciting at the same time.

There are many new experiences to look forward to. Uni being one of them which I vowed that I would never do and soonish I will be independently living after spending 4 years sorting myself out and getting the support that I cam to realise that I did need. For any of you out there afraid to ask for support I would truly encourage you to be brave and take the risk of asking for support if you need. There is not shame in it, there is so much shit in the world and we could all do with a bit of help now and then. It is hard work seeking support because ultimately the work, the change is in you. You just need the support to help get you through it.

Writing blogs has felt like a diary for me, a way of realising my feelings, anxieties, moans but equally a place where I have been able to share some of my more happier thoughts or understandings. If you cant let it out in anger, tears or words, then letitng it all out in writing is just as good because you have put it somewhere instead of locking it up all inside and allowing it to it eat at you.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blogs and thank you to all of you that posted comments. It has been a pleasure to read all of your thoughts, feelings, daily outbursts etc…. You have enlightened my world and taught me that I am not suffering alone and have strongly encouraged to pursue my career of finding others out there that could benefit from support.

Thank You.