Well for most of you, this blogging will be a new experience, I took part last year and was asked if I would participate again this year. I found this blog ring a helpful place to plant my feelings last year and was very happy to of been asked to take part this year also. There is something real about writing down your feelings and thoughts, it has been a while since I have kept a diary, but this feels very different to a diary.

A diary is a place to let your feelings out but the blog ring is a place where you can also let your feelings but also to SHARE them with other people, I believe this creates a feeling of not feeling alone with your feelings, which a diary cannot do unless you publicise it to people.

Well for me, this is the start if a new chapter, I have never been to uni and I am about to start in a couple of weeks. I am very anxious about it. Last year I did an access course which helped me dramatically in terms of getting back into education, although there was loads and loads of work to do. I am pleased that I am one of the lucky ones that did make it into uni b4 the massive rise in fees.

Another reason to feel happy to have made it in. I heard some stats from a friend that around 60,000 people applied for my course in the UK and only 15,000 received a place. I am trying very hard to feel happy about that. Sometimes, feeling happy and proud can be very difficult. I am sure you guys will be able to relate that, Often I feel that I need approval from others in order for me to accept and realise that I did good.

Well, I hope we can all share our feelings here on this blog ring and get through our academics and all the other stuff that comes with life together. I know people always say it, but we truly are not alone and there are places to seek support so be brave and seek it when you need it.

Happy 1st semester.