I am returning to university, however I live in one place whether studying or not, so it tends to feel awkward knowing that I haven’t ‘been home’ considering all of my peers tend to leave for the summer. The initial meeting for my course last week was stressful, simply being asked about my summer tends to warrant an awkward response from me. I can’t really pretend to have had a wonderful time when I have been preoccupied with issues like money and lifestyle.

In the next couple of weeks I will be setting up in the studio and beinging to make work again which is an exciting prospect for me to focus on. I am studying illustration and actively being in the studio benefits both my course work and my mental health no end, hence I have been spending sometime in the library preparing some research so that I can begin at a good pace. For me, to be in the studio (that I assosiate with work) for a majority of my day is a good thing both for productivity and my mental health. The problem has been not having this space over the summer.

All in all though, I made it through the summer and managed to maintain a good work ethic.