A list of things that I would have missed had I been dead and the philosophy of how I live my life now.

My cousin turned four years old today. We purchased for him a walkie-talkie in the shape of Spiderman to celebrate the occasion. He loved it so much that it was an extra present for us to see him so happy. There was even a Spiderman comic aimed at four year olds to boot. There was cake and sweets afterwards followed by the whole family sitting around watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I’m no child expert but I’m assuming that it was a mighty successful day.

This is just one of the many happy moments that I would have missed had I actually been dead. I would also never be going to uni, or sharing good times with my present-day friends, or sitting at this computer screen typing these words. I can regret and hate so much of my past, I can even let it get to me sometimes but I don’t. There is a saying that sums up my current philosophy; pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.