Heya Guys, Its so good to be back for the second year! Hope everyone has a fabulous year and gets so much from this project, its amazing the stuff i learnt from this blogring…

Good luck guys

First of all, im glad ive been put back onto this project for a second year!

Anyway, last year i was finishing my last year of A levels and trying to desperately to get into university and i was so fortunate to be able to get into my first choice this year.

University was always a dream for me and for so long it felt like something i’d say i would do but never actually would.

However, university is a lot harder than i thought lol, living on campus in my first year, there is so much pressure to study and the worst thing is, i havent even started my lectures yet and im already stressing..

so currently, i’ve gotta try and calm myself down before my head explodes!

Anyway, Good luck guys for this year and will talk soon