Bringing closure to a lifetime of grief…

I creep over bracken and twisted arms of jagged nettles, the clearing in full view up ahead. It is here that oblivion almost came too soon, that night when I crawled through a bush in order to reach the trees and end it all.  I have returned here today in order to bring closure, in order that I might never have to return here again.
My life has changed so much since I came here all those nights ago. I can almost see the ghost that was me, throwing a noose around a branch upon high and placing his head into the hole of rope there to take him away. Now that I’m the mirror opposite of that man, I can leave this unholy place where it belongs; in the dust of forgotten memories.

Before I leave, I burn the rope that I used in a small campfire I have made under the foot of the tree. Mixing the ashes with water and scattering the mush, I give something back to nature. This time I give instead of taking away.