The quick few problems…I’m currently struggling at university for a number of reasons, first, my sleeping pattern and routine at the minute is non-existent, well, im currently writing this at 4am.

I dont know why but i just cant myself into a decent routine and its driving me mental, im tired all day and cant sleep at night, i can barely concentrate in lectures.

This is driving me insane and I cannot cope with this anymore.

secondly, if im being honest, im missing my friends, dont get me wrong i have met some lovely people at university but im in a flat of 8 people and yes we get along great but i just feel isolated from them, as if they are get along and then go quiet when im around, however, this could be an overactive imagination lol.
Thirdly, i have just been diagnosed with something that really shouldnt affect me but as a man does, will not go into details but we can all guess,
I’m an open and proud gay man so i never have the intention of sleeping with a woman but its nice to know that i can procreate, ((Am not Shooting Blanks, must reiterate that now)).

Sorry if anyone is offended by that as was not sure of how personal to go but its too embarassing a detail to tell anyone, as havent got many trustworthy straight male friends to talk to about this.

Im being referred to a urologist so its not totally deterministic and final so fingers crossed,

Lastly, Men!! I’ve just had freshers week so we all know what that entails, Anyway, i dont wanna be a total gay and say im looking for a man but i am, ive been single for too long and i am getting bored with casual-ness…x

and the men ive been with have been pricks, im all up for a ONS but if it is, dont tell me you wanna meet up again then ignore me.. bloody hell!

Anyway, it feels nice to put all these problems on paper ((So To Speak)), i feel that now i have released some tension and can hopefully work on these one at a time,

University was supposed to be my fresh start but at the minute its just too much to handle…

Bloody hell! x