Quick thanks to Mina for the lovely comments, very appreciated. Right as a university student, got a lot to do in very little time so this blog is kind of an introduction which i will add to in the next few days.

Over the past few weeks i have been suffering with the worse illness i have ever had which really scared me, as a gay man i thought the worst and really thought i had AIDS and this was the end.

Melodramatic or what but seriously the pain was unbearable, i was throwing up nearly everyday, couldnt keep any food down and was boiling one sec and then shivering another, amongst others.

This caused me to miss a few lectures and one seminar, very naughty so i felt guilty which made me feel worse.

Finally today i made a breakthrough with the medication and im proper in work mood, that is if student finance will stop fucking me about, seriously, rung 7 differant times and being told 7 different things,

in short, i have just been told my grant application was unsuccessful and that i’d have to re-apply, which means i cant afford the rent which is overdue, another stress to my life.

Things are never easy for me, and this is true for everything. For some reason, any time something that can be difficult will always affect me and no one else.

I’ve been fighting my entire life, since the age of 12. I really thought coming to uni would be a brand new fresh start, on a new path with easier challlenges BUT NOOOO! things are getting harder and harder and i have fought enough,

My determination for uni has wavered so much these past few weeks, i really wanted to give up, go home and hide under the sheets.

This is something ive always wanted and i know ill always regret it if i left so im sticking it out, and being pro active in regards to the things i need to be doing, which means avoiding FACEBOOK lol x

Again guys, will be adding to this, so i really hope is doing well and will comment on a few guys posts!!

Best wishes, lots of love xxxxx