Hello, I was so sure that I blogged in Oct, guess I didn’t after all. I will have to make that one back up. I hope that you are all finding your way out there.

I have just started uni for the first time this year and gosh how nerve racking, anxiety provoking and stressful is it.

Lots of thoughts floating around in my head, trying not to stick to one set of people, but also not trying to be a loner and trying to work out who you would rather not hang out with. Difficult times.

Well I think after a month or two I have sorted found a space in me where uni is ok at the mo. I enjoyed not being burdened with so much work in the first month as I hear some uni’s really have put the pressure on for the course that I am doing. They made up for it by giving us lots of reading and work to do for the lead up to xmas, an assignment every 2 weeks from last week till xmas. It is keeping rather busy. I don’t honestly know where the minutes, hours, days and weeks go. I feel like I have lost a sense of time.

I have not enjoyed losing the sense of time because it feels like I need every minute, particularly when it comes down to studying time.

On a more positive note, I have not become a loner, I have made some friends, although there are still people that I am yet to speak to on my course, also I feel now I have just completed my first assignment I am starting to find my feet and find new ways of working that was different from my college course.

It truly is just a case of getting back into and see what works for you. WHAT HAS BEEN WORKING OR NOT WORKING FOR YOU GUYS????