I spend a lot of time working on myself. Exercise, university, employment, exta curricular activities, my support network. It’s not to sound utilitarian, I live through a mixture of plans and spontanuity. I do have trouble letting go at times. I had written out a massive page for this post but I doubt it would help either of us.

My point is that I am fully aware of how well things are going. Of how much I have done. Of how I still have much to learn and deal with. I am aware of how much better my artwork is than before, whilst at the same time I am aware of how much better it needs to get. I would go so far as to say that I am aware that I am unaware, or something.

It does not change my mood which is both annoying and something I’d need to persue with a counsellor. I might be too focused on my life in order to enjoy it, I certainly feel a bit trapped (no money to visit anywhere but my immediate surroundings). I would really appreciate other perspectives on this.