I think I’ve had a terrible festive holiday. I dislike this time of year and I dislike being in my town when everyone leaves and university closes. It’s like being a child again and I find it hard to deal with. In truth it was not really that bad, looking and realising that I kept myself together and didn’t act stupidly is a nice feeling.

I’m likely to find the next few Christmas holidays difficult, but at least I don’t resort to the total collapse as before. In hindsight I feel good about it.

Currently just waiting for university to start. I have no work to do, but I’m relaxing and taking time to think about this up and coming semester so that I can work well, get what I need to done, and enjoy myself. There are always things to do, I’ve plenty of time to cook, run, etc. So I’m trying to enjoy this for the time being.

I don’t think I want to remain here in studying for much longer, but I’ve atleast a year or so left. It’s both a long time and a short time. I could list complaints but I’m feeling as if I can deal with it now. Studying is both very liberating and very constraining.