A poem I wrote over four years ago.

It has been a while snce my last blog and I apologise for the delay. It has been an exhausting month and I have barely had time to even catch my breath! But here is something I recently found on my desktop; a poem I wrote over four years ago, when I first moved to Britain. I hope you enjoy it.

Culture Shock

I am a stranger in a strange land,
A shadow moving through a dream.
The masked figure in a corner,
What xenophobics call a fiend.

My origins resemble a nightmare,
A concrete heart of fear and death.
Many people see my scars,
But know nothing of the carnage I left.

Flags determine your future,
Your commitment to Jesus Christ.
The orange-green banners mark out
Your enemies for life.

Is it worth going out for bread
When the army suddenly attack?
Is it worth going to school
Knowing you may never come back?

There are no celebrations;
Fireworks and public meetings are banned.
The friends I have left alive
Can be counted on one hand.

The monsters of our childhood
Were just waiting in the streets outside.
I knew the meaning of “Paramilitary”
And “Sectarianism” by the time I was five.

The boy next door was gunned down
When we were the same age.
Thanks to his death, I know the difference between
An M60 and a twelve gauge.

Horror has a very human face,
But you must never ever tell.
Otherwise he might destroy your family
And come after you as well.

So I hope it’s alright
If I give your socialising a miss.
After all, to you this is just a story;
This reality doesn’t exist.