Its February

Well January blues have been and gone, uni has started up and first sets of results are comng back! So far so good, a 1st, and a couple of 2:1’s.

But you know, I am finding it hard to stay stimulated at the mo. Its difficult going to lectures every week when I feel like this as. It’s like, what is it all for if there is no enjoyment or stimulation. I mean I know that education is not necessarily meant to be fun, but sum stimulation in the subject area that you have chosen to do surely should be in the air.

I feel overwhelmed with my life at the moment so many deadlines to keep to and I don’t just mean uni work. Like other areas in my life like if you have a job or have other committments. Its all too much. I think that is why I so looked forward to xmas as it was a complete break from all deadlines.

I hope I can find some stimulation in weeks to come and enjoy my achievements that I do receive which seems to be proving difficult. Y do we hold on to the bad stuff rather than all the good stuff”