Heya Guys,

Must apologise for the very lateness of my post!! It’s been a tough few months

Heya guys, clearly i have to make up some time from December to now, but had a tumultous few months. I might as well start from the beginning,

In December, I had a HIV scare, which sent me into a whirlwind of emotions, I became so depressed that i had dropped out of university, not officially but had left before the end of term and missed all my first year exams in the january period. ~

I really didn’t know how to cope with my situation, i had fought so much to get into university and it really felt at the time that i was losing everything that i had spent my entire year trying to achieve.

I began self-harming and again drinking heavily, must point out that i have never self-harmed and with some serious support from my previous keyworker and family, i plucked up the courage to return to university early this month.

I wish I had the chance to post blogs whilst I was going through this, so i could look back and learn from what happened but to be honest, living it was hard enough, dont think i could bear reading it again in a few months.

I had spoken to my university before returning and had submitted evidence of what had happened and they kindly gave me 40% in every module, the january assessments were only worth 25% of my overall mark and so gonna kick ass in the summer.


Well coming back to university was probably the hardest thing ive done in the past few years, to me it reminded me of everything that caused my downward spiral,
coming back to deal with everything that i had lost was gonna be hard.

I had been referred to a phychiatrist and have been going to weekly sessions since February, only her and another friend know what went on.

Others, I just gave an excuse which fitted the time frame.

Right Now, Im healing, thats the only way to describe it, Im throwing myself into study and spend most of my time in the library, im seeing freinds occasionally onn nights out but nothing huge yet.

I’m glad its my first year of uni, if not this really could of screwed up everything that i had worked for, and I doubt i could ever come back from that.

Really hope everyone has had a good time these past few months, gonna make a stronger effort to post blogs, as its been an amazing experience xxx

Lots of Love, Pete x