So, I have been prescribed medication that is an anti-depressant but I am using them for headaches. I find this strange as in the past I never felt anti-depressants worked for me so I never took them. I managed just fine without them and over-came severe depression through therapy.

SO now that I am taking them for my tension headaches, today I woke up feeling very light and not a care in the world, smiling at things that are not necessarily worth smiling about. I wondered if this was due to medicine or if this is how it feels to be in a different head space????

I was in art therapy went these thoughts occurred to me, but we then got talking about loss and I found myself angry and depressed. I feel angry at the people that did not allow me stay light. But also know in my head that I am not living in a therapeutic community to feel light, I am there to work on my issues; loss being one of them.

Now I have to find a head space that will allow me to academically write which I am finding extremely difficult as I am sad and angry.

How does on move on from there feelings in order to get through the day, doing the things that you are supposed and meet the deadlines from academic work at uni. I am struggling with this.

Do you try to engage with how your feeling and not get the work done, or try and by-pass how you are feeling in order to get thought the work load???

On top of this people are coming and going in and out of my life, I have the uncertainty of not knowing when I will move on to independent living in which I have been waiting a year for?

Damn headaches.!!!!!