Hey all,

Gosh, I forgot how overwhelming the beginning of a new academic year could be. I was very anxious to be going into a 5 day a week course and finding time for me in that, alongside therapy and hobbies or the sport that I love netball.

I remember after the first week thinking, actually it’s not that bad, I am enjoying, but it’s now a month and essays need to be written along side demands of my first placement. It’s a lot.

I have been given some bad news last week.
A very dear friend of mine is dying. She is like the mum that I never had to me. Full of love, wisdom and care. I only have her for a few more months. This is taking it’s toll on me and I am wonder how I will cope. I have come this far and really don’t want to give up now. I mean what would I do if I did give up now. Sit in self-pity, lack motivation and go back to a dim place that I have had enough of quite frankly. So I will persevere but not without difficulty. BUT, I think it’s time to ask for some help. I am keeping afloat but the work is piling u and I feel I may sink. I hope I find compassion and leniency.

I do hope you all are doing ok and that you seeking support if you need it.