After such a positive and happy October, November has been somewhat of an emotional rollercoster for me.  One day I’m on cloud 9, happy as Larry; the next I have been sitting in a darkened room, in a pretty sad and somber mood. 


I’m not depressed (I know the warning signs and always keep one eye open for that creeping back) and my panic disorder is improving everyday!!! BUT, I have been really busy, as in reallllllly busy – the uni work piles up, gets done and then piles up again.  I get no rest.  Sleep is somewhat of a novelty for me.  I suppose that’s the life of a student, but sometimes it is hard to deal with.  It’s such an important thing, sleep, especially for those with depression or anxiety, and yet it is so under-rated.  It was only this morning, as I was watching Daybreak whilst getting ready for work, that I saw fatigue and exhaustion caused Brian Conley to leave I’m A Celebrity; he is okay now, but still… 🙁

So what can I do?

I am a full-time student, part-time worker!  I don’t want to leave my studies..for once, I am settled in, enjoying the topics, not having panic attacks before or during classes like I used to.  And I can’t give up work, money is a necessity!!  It’s a difficult one for me to figure out a resolution to.  I don’t go out, I don’t do that much independent study – only what I need to do for coursework/tests etc…, I live off coffee (not great for the health or the bathroom breaks).  Can anyone offer some form of resoultion?  Blogringers, I ask for some assistance, wise words, help!!!