Hello fellow Bloggers and student visitors.

I would like to firstly wish everyone well on this project and I hope you gain a lot from it over the year or years, this is my third year blogging for studentsagainstdepression and I have found it to be a cathartic experience; sometimes good and sometimes very difficult but it has proven to be very useful.

Strange isn’t it that I have posted once yet and unfortunately this is a matter of a timing issue, second year and my responsibilities this year have overwhelmed me. As well as the increase in workload, I’m also president of a student society and so, I am kept rather busy.

I do hope to post more regularly though in future.

I thought I would open this year with a brief introduction on what I think depression is and how my opinion has changed over the past three years.

I once thought depression was a persistent state of ill feelings towards everything external and internal, an almost impossible state to overcome until one, sudden moment where it would change.

Completely naive but one constant thing I’ve learnt over the past few years is that depression is COMPLETELY SUBJECTIVE!

It will affect everyone differently, despite similar circumstances, not everyone will feel the same nor will they react the same way to certain remedies.

I think once you can understand how depression will affect you, only then will you come to know how to overcome and defeat it.

I have been depressed, and may become depressed again in a few weeks, I may become depressed tomorrow – depression is completely fluid and it becomes easier to deal with when you know what mood you are in.

Guilt is not the same as depression, ill feelings are not the same as depression!

Depression, in my opinion, is a state of emotion that often can change from one day to the next, if you can recognise its onset, only then will you be able to overcome it, and it is this which I try to do to get through each and every day.

I can have great days, but I can have bad days, and then I have days of depression, it does not affect me absolutely and I do not think it affects anyone absolutely – I think it is merely a confusion of emotion that people automatically assume an ill feeling to be depression which onsets further bad feelings. STOP! identify what it is that you are feeling! Work through it and invariably, you will become a stronger person for it.

I hope everyone has a good year, and I look forward to reading all your blog entries!
Good Luck!