Hello to all,

Hope everyone is well!

Well, I don’t know how, but I have managed to get through my 1st semester of my 2nd year at university – doesn’t time just fly by.  It’s been an up and down few months with workload and emotions but I am soooo happy that I have coped with everything thrown at me so far.  I have done well with the university work that I have got marks back for as well, which is a real boost!

Now I have Christmas and New Years to look forward to and hopefully 2013 will bring me good health and happiness as it hopefully will for all of you too.

I am so shocked and elated that my panic disorder seems to be under control *touch wood*.  I manage with situations that I never thought I’d be able to manage with and it makes me, and my mum so happy!  Ending the year on a good note for real 🙂

So that is all I really have to say – I know the Xmas period can be a depressing time for a lot of people, me normally being one of them (we shall see how it goes), but all I can suggest is try to enjoy it.  Enjoy seeing family, enjoy the break from work/study, do some exercise, sing some carols – try and get into the festive spirit and if that doesn’t work maybe think about what I want to do – on Xmas day go and help out in a soup kitchen for the homeless, it really can help to put things into perspective.

Anyway, just in case I don’t get on before Xmas, have a good one.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 🙂