Semester A is now over. Awaiting results, anxiety provoking. Had my last exam yesterday, I was pleased that I was able to actually remember things for the exam by making up a little story using the first letter of words that I needed to remember in the exam. It worked. So the first thing I did when I got in the exam is recite the story in my head so that I could write the first letters of the words down and then add the actual words that I was trying to remember.
“Every Evening My Head Kills Until Very Bad Dreams Occur Every Dawn”
That is what it mounted to. I hope I did enough.

Having to do exams when you have memory blocks due to the way you have protected yourself all your life through blocking things out, is really difficult. I fins it hard to retain information, but of course I remember all the crap things like they happened yesterday most of the time.

I have to apologise to you all for not posting since Nov. Life became extremely difficult, I lost my friend that I posted about in my last blog and had many things to deal with alongside my emotional well-being after losing my friend.
Life really is a rollercoster that seems to never end! Up down, round and round. Wish the ups would come a bit more frequently.

Something that I feel has changed about me more recently is how I treat myself, I think I have finally learnt how to treat myself more kindly. Taken years and years to say and do that.

Well Semester B is here, more academic writing and exams to look forward to….