Hi Guys,

I must apologise for my absence, second year course load and everything else that goes with being a second year has kept me very busy…Almost to the point of shock that this academic year is almost over.

As well as surviving the required amount of work, it’s been hunting for work exp and internships, been in and out of London…Also leading a society, starting a national competition, forming a charity and now have been asked to lead a national student committee…No! Not the NUS…there is more than one.

So in short, I’m very busy and have made the difficult decision but ultimately the right one in choosing to forego many of these responsibilities next year in order to focus on my degree. This also adds the extra benefit that if something great comes along, I’m free to do it.

I’m gonna try and catch up with the previous few months but aside from university stuff, nothing really out the blue has came out the woodworks this year which is quite exciting…I knew when i tweeted about an exciting new year I weren’t wrong.

We are now at the end of March and its just revision revision and annoyingly i have a piece of coursework to do for April! Rawr. When I do my diss next year, no idea how im gonna manage to fit that in as well as revision….Great time management needed.

Will post again soon relating more to depression and how it affects or used to affect me as a student…I may have reached the proverbial end to that tunnel!

But you cannot be sure on these things.

All the best chums!
Good Luck! x