Hi all,

Well, the Easter break has come round for most! I would like a longer break, but I will be making the most of being off from Good Friday until Monday. I definitely need to recharge my batteries before getting back into my work! Work has been getting pretty stressful recently as I realise that I have only about 18 months before I need to be finished in the lab and hand in my thesis. This obviously all depends on getting the results I need, and have arguably been looking for for the past 2 and a half years…!

Even though things are getting quite stressy, I have actually managed to remain quite calm and focused, so this is still a big improvement on where I was a year ago, where I was barely making it into the lab and really struggling with the idea of working. I think that in the last year I have helped myself get back on track a lot, and thinking about that recently, I’m really proud of how well it’s gone. If I hadn’t got back on top of things, I would almost certainly have had to drop out of my PhD or defer at least, which would have felt like a massive loss for me, because I would have taken it as something that is my fault and a failing, whether that is true or not.

I think being at home this weekend has made me realise that it is important to have the right people around you, and that is something that I should be grateful for. Although I didn’t really involve my family in anything when I was feeling awful, because my sister had worse problems, and I didn’t want to distract from that, I still had them there if I wanted, and I always had my then best friend, now my girlfriend, to talk to and look forward to spending time with. I spent way too much time locking myself away, and then when I did go out and spend time with her, I felt a million times better. It isn’t always easy to get out, but if it is possible to do, then I really feel like spending time doing things is definitely the way to go rather than locking yourself away. It’s difficult, but you can do it.

I hope that everyone enjoys their weekends and breaks. I guess exams are coming up soon for some people, but they will all be fine, remember to give yourself time to relax too, don’t work yourself into the ground!