[[This post is of general wonderings that I hope students and others alike can seek solace in, or at least empathize with and maybe will strike a cord within you]]



YOU HAVE TO DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE NOW! In your 20’s…Because everyone else knew exactly what they wanted to be at your age.
This is ridiculous… I look around at some jobs and just think, there is no way that Person A wanted Job A..He either was unlucky…got lazy or has different priorities.

The fact is, University does not set out your current dream job in a flowchart format that you can tick off along..I’ve come to realise that University for me opens doors…a lot of them. It’s about finding them and ultimately being confident to try and walk through them.

Myself, for example, I always wanted to be this one thing, yes it is an expensive and extremely painful career route but I had the confidence that I could give it my everything. It was an easy route to follow and something I knew I’d be brilliant out. ┬áIt’s the main reason why I came to university and I knew exactly what I was doing when I needed to do it.

I was the boy with all the answers and now shockingly….I’m a man who finds he knows less and less everyday.

I always counted myself very lucky that i knew what I wanted to do, it made me confident and secure but in the past few weeks, I’ve had a real change and considering doing something different before committing to this one career, which is incredibly scary.

When and how do I decide this…..I DONT!

I’ve now taken to providing myself with as many opportunities as possible after uni in order to find where I’m going..I don’t need all the answers but I’m a firm believer than if you follow A-B route, you’ll come across C and without the A-B route..You would never have found opportunity C.

I’m considering applying for an international research masters and as many of them as I can afford and want to – I’ve currently found two that provide feasible options both financially and academically. I can’t be sure if this is what I’m gonna be doing for the rest of my life but it never hurts to have a masters. I can say for one thing…this is getting me more excited than my first career choice.

I just have to maintain confidence and pursue it.

Best of luck fellow bloggers.
Much Love x