Hi to everyone

I hope people aren’t as stressed out as me at the moment.  I HATE this time of year with a passion and I seem to never learn from my mistakes. They tell you to read throughout the year and yet I always find myself not doing it, getting to exam period and stressing my little socks off.  So upsetting.

My moods are up and down at the moment – varies between lows, highs, panic, anxiety, stressed…the list could go on!  I seem to be coping though – haven’t quite given up!  Although, I am not doing as much revision as I should be doing because I feel like ‘what is the point’.  Does anyone else do this? Leave things to the last minute, stress and then feel like you just want to give up?

I am not going to write too much more, as I am aware that I need to get back to doing some revision.  But I will be able to write a long old post full of deep inner thoughts and feelings once the end of May has arrived.  I can’t wait for that – so close but so far.

Hope revision is going well for everyone else.

Joelle xxx