Hello Guys,

I’m now a year to go before graduating and I keep saying that when I graduate, it will finally feel like my life is my own again! I’m now finished with all compulsory ish education, with masters and above optional.

I now have to make so many choices about what to do with my life, I know where and want I want to focus on which is good and I roughly know where I want to go but it’s now a matter of choosing, which is weird


I now have to stress and spend hours narrowing down the pro’s and cons of every decision and everytime i make headway, another thing pops along to upset the balance.

The very least I can is that at least I’m thinking about it now rather than next April prior to graduation without a clue in the world.

This is a very short blog entry but I’m being rushed by the Costa People!

Talk soon bloggers!

Good luck x x