I often cannot underestimate the power and the benefits of remaining busy and the importance of maintaining a routine!

As students, it is almost impossible to maintain a routine unless of course you are lucky enough to have the same start times of each days,  made difficult still with the excessive work we have to do, the list continues.

But maintaining a perfect routine is not always about waking up at the same time each day, but making sure that each day is full and finding things to do, for many of us who supper depression, the Summer poses a problem due to the renewed freedom and lack of deadlines.

For many of us, we look for internships or work, unfortunately for me, I have to work to save for each upcoming year, annoyingly work are messing me around with hours which is extremely annoying, subsequently it is difficult to stay motivated during my numerous days off.

However, everyday since I have found things to do and I’m pursuing two research projects, one extra-curricular with a friend and then obviously my dissertation, whilst it may seem that the Summer is used for a break, which yes it is but some of us, I would argue are not afforded the same luxury to fly away and enjoy a few weeks in the Sun or kick back and relax.

I was born into a very working class family with working class assets, or lack thereof should I say, annoyingly I have rather ambitious dreams that requires a lot of sacrifice, time and unfortunately, the limited money I can salvage. For me it has always been a matter of time, many of us do not have the luxury of wealthy parents of benefactors to pay for our research whims, or internship opportunities, so we have to wait and save, but it means so much more to us when we have achieved it.

Currently, I’m working on a research piece which demands a lot of attention and time and motivation, which is difficult to maintain, but the benefits of having a research piece published before I graduate would be huge for my career, well, hopefully!

Anyway, genuine message is that, keeping motivated and holding on to your dreams, regardless what they are will help overcome your persistent low mood and depression, it is difficult, but its all about the expression “Seeing Wood Through The Trees” or something.

Through your depression, (trees) look for what is really important…(wood)!


Good Luck Guys!