Hello Everyone,

This is my penultimate blog, which is quite a weird situation, as this is my third year. I have had such fun through this project and I hope that my blogs have been interesting to read, or at least hope that someone read them lol!

I have found this project extremely useful, to work through my depression and to note my progress has been a huge achievement. I still find it extremely difficult to read back through them all over the past few years and whilst this project has been useful, it is not the reason for my progress.


It’s the changing times and how I grow as an individual, everyone has been noticing the huge turn around in me entirely these past two years which I suppose I have university to thank. When I was looking at universities, I wanted to get away, the further the better and recently I thought that the decision was quite hasty, that I should have been sensible and stuck with universities within commutable distance, so I could have kept the flat I bought.


But definitely, that would have been an even worse decision, I needed to get away, start again and really work on me. They say that you cannot run from your problems, which yes is true, but a new destination certainly helps you work through them without all the excess baggage around you, and it certainly gets you away from the people who caused said problems.

I’m now two years older and even I can see the difference in me, which invariably helped “cure” my depression, I know bad word! sorry.

But I feel so much more confident, strong, assertive which has been a huge achievement.

I have gone from believing that I deserved nothing, yet striving for everything to only go out and achieve it, well some of it, the rest will come in time, when I’ve graduated and moved on to pastures new.

I think one of the biggest things I’ve gained in my life over the past few years is control!

Hence, I have decided that this shall be my last year, Whilst I have gained so much, completing a fourth year, would steal the place of someone who may truly need it!

I know I was asked to continue to document the life throughout university, and I may be back next year depending on the organisers of this blog, but I feel it’s better if I move on!

Good Luck Everyone!
Muchos Love  x