So the time has come to write a final entry, so I thought I would quickly sum up a few thoughts I’ve had about my experience of using this blogring.

I think that I’ve learnt quite a lot over the past year, both from writing about myself, and from reading what other people say, and I think the major points I’d have to make are:

  • There is more help available to you than you realise, especially if you are a student. Universities have wonderful counselling/mentoring/disability services to go along with the care you can get through your GP. Please use it, it’s there for you, and otherwise it is just going wasted. Even if it doesn’t seem important, or you feel that other people deserve it more, just give it a go, it can’t hurt you. I have had so much help in the past 3 years, and I am so grateful. Looking back, it has helped me realise just how lucky I have been, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to miss out.
  • I have made a huge improvement over the past year, progressing from missing massive chunks of work, to being in work full time, and making the progress that I need to complete my PhD. It really is possible to get better, even when you feel that it isn’t, and you feel completely hopeless, I promise you that it is. It takes time, and you have to make the effort, but, believe me, it is worth it in the end. Do yourself a favour and throw yourself into all the help you can get, and it’ll be worth it.
  • I am coping so much better with all the little things now, I am rarely getting upset over very much (okay, I cried when I found out I had to get a tooth out at the dentist, but if that’s my biggest worry at the moment, then I think I’ll do just fine!), and I am doing everything I need to. You can get there and feel normal again.
  • Everyone has a different experience of depression, it doesn’t make theirs any more or less valid than yours. If you are feeling low, then you need to try and do something about it, as hard as it can feel. It will be worth it in the long run. Everyone is at different stages, but everyone is doing their best, and I fully believe that people can get through it.
  • This website is an incredibly useful source of information for anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, etc. Really, the depth of information is amazing, and it is a great place to start when you are confronted with the feelings that people associate with depression.

So, that’s me done, but I am really happy to have had the opportunity to take part in this blogring during the past year, and very pleased to have got to read and comment on posts by other people too, seeing how they are coping, taking inspiration from them, and realising that lots of people have lots of different experiences, but all of them can get better eventually. I wish everyone well, thank you to anyone who has read this, and good luck for the future.

Keep smiling!!!