I am still trying to come to terms with everything all coming to an end all at once! Sometimes I do wonder about the structure of society. I know this is going to sound random but questions that I wonder about:
why do schools, people’s jobs, shopping centres, businesses etc all start at the same time? Surely if everything didn’t start at the same time there would be less traffic on the roads, less accidents, less road road and less stressed out people because they are worrying about the time it takes them to get from A to B in the morning.
Why do all therapists go away at the same time in Aug.
Why are there millionaires in the world and starving children, surely if they all gave a size-able amount (and it doesn’t even have to be that large) on a regular basis then third world countries wouldn’t be third world countries.
Sometimes when I think about the world, society, I wonder what it is all for! It feels like we are here just to be here, and people use that annoying expression “you only live once, so you might as well make the most out of it” while I see the logic in that, how is that possible if you don’t really care about life in the first place.
The domino effect seems to be over-ruling! One family, mum, dad, 6 kids, mum dies, 7 lives ruined!!! They grow up best way they can, have kids and again more than one and those lives are ruined because their parents don’t know how to be good parents because they did not have role model parents and did not have the courage to seek support and try something different.
Catching paedophiles all the time, but how many aren’t we catching?? How many more abused children are there to find, in utter pain!
Such a rant I know, but these are the things that go round in my head and make me wonder what life is really all about! Can you really seek what you are looking for and neglect all these other things going on? Even if you try not neglect them, we’re not robots, we don’t have super powers…..
It’s tough and I am not feeling suicidal! I am just trying to make sense out of the world that I am in.