Summer break is here! Well, I say summer, but….
I don’t know about you, but I feel getting through academic pressures at university and the social aspects that come with it means that we need a good break. So, I for one am thankful for this time of year!
But, some of us may question, what we will do with ourselves!
Go home to family? ( Which may not feel like the safest of places to be)
Get out there and do all the things that you’ve been putting off while studying?
I feel I want to do all 3. But before I know it, time will be gone and it will be time to return to uni again and the anxiety will start to build, the questioning, can I really do it? Am I strong enough mentally to cope with this? Well, you’ve got this far – FACT, through all what you have been through!!!!
1. Hibernate, but don’t hibernate for too long. Know when the difference between resting yourself and withdrawing from society completely.
2. Go home to family if that is where you feel safe. If that’s not an option that you would consider, then turn to those who have felt like family at times, those that you know can give you something.
3. Get out there and do all the things you’ve been putting off. Do it, even if its cleaning out your cupboards, you’ll feel some reward, because it’s one less thing on the list. Take risks, because you were brave enough to consider it at some point during the year, so why not do it. Ask that friend to meet up because you quite like their personality, take that trip away for the weekend, cook that dish to impress… what ever it was that you have been putting off, that you know will give you a little boost to make you feel a little better!
Most importantly, don’t suffer alone! There are people out there, maybe you just haven’t found them yet.
May be you have found them but don’t know how to use them. Maybe you could let them know how you see them (good ice breaker) I’ve tried it. People out there do really understand, we just don’t know that they do sometimes.
Stay strong! I’ll be here again next year!