In the Autumn of 2014, Students Against Depression collaborated with Student Minds to launch Positive Minds, a 6-week course for tackling low mood and depression.

The Positive Minds course has been designed to give students the skills they need to keep low mood at bay. If you are interested in learning new ideas to help you keep your university experience a positive one, this course is for you!The Positive Minds sessions follow a structure; through six meetings you will be guided through a workbook packed full of ideas and suggestions to help you stay positive.

The theory behind the course

The course has been developed using material from¬†¬†which provides award-winning information and self-help resources for depression. You may want to refer to the site during and after the course.The theory behind this course goes something like this… when depression gets a foothold in your life, it can quickly take hold in the form of a series of mutually reinforcing habits. That is, when we let low mood hang around, it is easy to end up in a downward spiral. Depressed behaviour, in the form of avoidance and social withdrawal, reinforces depressed feelings and the lethargy that often accompanies depression. Whilst not a substitute for professional help, the strategies discussed on this course offer a starting point for doing what you can yourself to turn this spiral around or for preventing chronic stress or low mood from spiraling into depression.The course structure has been developed on the basis of evidence that self-help advice is most effective when it can be translated into clearly stated personal implementation intentions. In other words, turning a general piece of advice into a very specific goal that you intend to carry out at a specific time or in a specific context. The purpose of the course is to support your efforts to make positive practical changes in your daily life between the course sessions.

Where courses run

The Positive Minds course launched on three campuses in the UK in the 2014 autumn term – Oxford, Christ Church Canterbury, and Nottingham and repeats on the same campuses in the 2015 spring term. The course will expand to other campuses in the near future.

The course is run by student facilitators, who are trained each year by Student Minds. If you’re interested in applying to be a groups facilitator, you can visit the Student Minds peer support recruitment page to see if applications are open.

To learn more about the course, click here.