Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a nice Christmas and new year!

It was great to spend time with all my friends and family, and relax momentarily before I had to get my head in some books and start all my assignments for January! But despite all of that, was a great end to a year with some great people.

Since the new year, i’ve been making a real effort to keep my university work up and am slowly started to see the benefits of some hard work! It goes to show if you keep at something long enough you will eventually see how it pays off. This attitude has kept me focused and has meant so far this year I’ve not had much anxiety, and when I have I’ve been able to shrug it off quite quickly, which i’m proud of.

My new year hasn’t been quite as clean a slate as I wanted, as early January had some issues which affected my mood quite a lot. But after some brief reflection I’ve decided that what’s in the past should stay there, and all thinking about it now will do is ruin what the future holds for me. I’d like to think everyone could take this approach when worrying over things that have already altered our mood and well-being.

It’s what the rest of the year holds that’s important so lets try and leave not needed worries and doubts behind, and keep moving forward 🙂

I look forward to hearing your thoughts…

Now back to the mountain of work I have to do!

All the best,