Happy New Year – That Break Went Far Too Quickly!!!!

Sooooo, first blog of the new year – Happy New Year to you all ūüėÄ

Don’t know how anyone else feels, but that break went far too quickly for my liking; I’m not sure whether I am happy or sad about that.

The Christmas period for me wasn’t great – I’m not sure why, I normally love it, but this year I was down and moody. ¬†My birthday, also in December, is when I normally get the blues but I had a flying time for that and by Xmas day I just wanted to stay in my PJ’s and not leave my bed. ¬†Of course I couldn’t do that, I had to go and do the family thing, which bored me to tears and put me in an even worse mood. ¬†I spent the from Boxing Day to New Years Eve in bed, not moving all that much, doing very little, only getting up to go the toilet. ¬†Occasionally I did some uni work (not as much as I had planned to do or wanted to do) and I went to the gym a couple of times (again not as much as I had planned or wanted to do). ¬†I remember I had a bit of a breakdown on one night, just cried for no apparent reason; I do that sometimes. ¬†But after that the mood started to improve. ¬†I guess sometimes letting whatever it is out, even if you don’t know what it is, can help.

When NYE came, I was feeling much better, especially because I was going on a night out with my best mate. ¬†I noticed that I was a little more irritable than usual but I was sure I could cope with that and I wouldn’t let that get in the way of my night. I didn’t…it was the best night ever and cheered me up no-end.

So now we are in January and it is almost time for work and study and as I said before I am not sure if I am happy or sad about that. ¬†I think that I was suffering from low moods because I had too much time on my hands and I became lazy because of it. ¬†With my busy schedule during term time I spend time socialising a lot, going to the gym regularly with too much work to do to become low. ¬†Distraction??? Not sure whether that is a good technique or not, but it seems to work. ¬†I guess this year I will have to look at ways of improving my morale and mood when I am not busy as I can’t stay busy my entire life.

So that is it for me really. ¬†I don’t like making New Years¬†Resolutions¬†but I have made some goals that I would like to achieve this year. ¬†I want to achieve my goal of being a size 12 by the summer, I want to do one stage of my scuba diving licence, I want to improve my cycling so that I can cycle to work etc.. and I want to just be content with myself and my inner thoughts.

How are my fellow bloggers? ¬†And how were your Christmas breaks? ¬†I hope slightly better than mine and far more productive ūüôā


P.S.  Apologies for the lateness in this post Рthere seemed to be a slight PC glitch.