Hi fellow bloggers and to any and all students facing depression or a constant depressive state.

Before you continue to read this blog, I would strongly encourage you list 5 things that contribute to your depression, it can be any person, any feeling, any emotion, any circumstance…and I’m hoping to prove something to you, to myself and to all of us.

It’s gonna be difficult for me to list my five as it is a constant changing list, but I’m gonna list 5 things that have affected me and is likely to affect me.

1. The Future 

2. My Mother 

3. My relationship with my family 

4. My weight 

5. Money 


Some of these may be common to many of you, and others completely alien, but try and highlight the most obvious thing I’ve missed!


Each of us.


As I read around depression and battle through it, one common denominator between us is that we do not hold ourselves to fault for our depressive state.

For the past few days, I’ve been thinking about my future, I know third year will fly past so I’ve been thinking hugely about my next step and it’s been so scary, I’m constantly worrying about not achieving what I want to… I started moaning that I couldn’t do my masters by research unless I have a taught masters…But I didn’t want to do a taught masters.

The one thing I realised is that I am no longer a child, and sometimes we just can’t have what we want when we want it, I’m 21 year and just realised this, educated but slow some might say.

But then today I realised is that I’m still ME! I’m a strong, dedicated, hard-working, intuitive person and I know that life is not going to be easy, and that I will face rejection and I think that has been the scariest thing, which has been making me feel depressed recently.

I’ve been thinking about jacking it in, my degree, I mean what’s the point, all this debt to battle severe competition for jobs that none of us really want but have to take because its in somewhere related to our desired field, on money that barely covers the essentials let alone repayment of loans….And then I thought….because if we all thought like that, then none of us would be nowhere!

We have to pay our dues, everyone has done it with or without a degree and the one thing that each and everyone one of us needs is faith! Faith in yourself!

Once you have that, the rest is easy..it’s merely a matter of putting pen to paper and start planning. For most of our lives its been very structured, GCSE’s – A Levels – Degree – Even Masters or Post qualification.

Very simple, but the hardest thing is to set foot in the real world, make decisions about your own future and realise that the safety net of seminars and lectures is no longer there and that is what i think most of us are afraid of.

The fact of life is…It all comes down to you, not some obscure social facts, you’re upbringing, someone else, you!
You are to blame for your depressive state because if you are as strong as you think you are, you can fix the situation you are in!

Pick Yourself Up and Move On! Because there are a million people behind you waiting for you to fall!

Get Angry…Prove Them Wrong..Make sure you are the last person to have that smug laugh…You’ll feel so much better.

Most impassioned blog yet but you get my point….This is down to you!

(yes, this includes you reading this, thinking it doesn’t apply to you)