Hello Everyone and Happy New year!

Sorry I am so late in getting this months blog up but it has been a hectic start to the new year for me with family and friends and getting back into the swing of uni after a relaxing break.

I took sometime over the last few weeks and the Christmas break to look back over how much about my life has changed in just a year, and it really is truly amazing, in so many ways my life has changed for the better, I have been through so much and last year was really a very turbulent year emotionally, I had a lot of ups and downs, I spent a great deal of time on my own trying to figure out what I wanted to achieve in the next year and where I wanted to go, and I think it was really important that I did that. I look at my life before I came to University and leading up to the decision to go to University and it is like I am a totally different person now, I really put myself in situations that in many ways were totally unnecessary and did nothing but cause me upset, and if I could go back and change it I would, but at the same time, I don’t particularly regret doing them, it’s quite strange, because if they hadn’t happened to me I wouldn’t be the strong person I am now.
I particularly got thinking about one of the hardest things I had to deal with which was when I had a miscarriage a few years ago now, at the time it was the single most devastating thing that had ever happened to me and I honestly could never see myself getting over it or an end to the situation, I was so angry with myself and so emotionally destroyed that the only way I could even attempt to deal with it was by pretending it hadn’t happened. It was like my mind had decided it was too much for me to deal with on top of everything else and so switched off, and for a while it worked, but as I said it caught up with me and I eventually went to counselling which as I have said before is hands down the best thing I ever did. In looking at that situation now, I am in many ways incredibly proud of myself for getting through that the way I did, could I have handled it better? yes absolutely? should I have talked to someone sooner? of course I should have but there is never an absolutely right way of dealing with something and it is the best feeling in the world to see how my life has changed since then, obviously what happened was absolutely horrendous but I also feel like it has helped shape me into who I am, like that was something that happened to me, I don’t let it take over it is not who I am it is what happened and look how far I have come since then! It really does amaze me every time I think about my achievements since then and how I was able to get through such a horrendous thing to happen, i know it sounds like a cliche but I honestly felt like if I could go through something like that and come out even stronger the other end and my life get a million times better than I really can go through anything, and I think it is important to put things in perspective sometimes, I would advise anyone who is worrying about something, big or small, dwelling on something, anyone who is down or in the middle of something they cant see a way out of to just remember that there will be an end to it and you will come through it, and in one way or another you will be a stronger person as a result.
I always used to think at thistime of year it was easy to get a bit down after Christmas is over and there is nothing but horrid weather it’s easy to get in a bit of a slump but dont let yourself!
I made a list this year of everything I want to achieve by the end of the year, and have already started ticking some of the things off! I already have lots of exciting plans in place and loads to look forward to and am so so so excited about 2013! I would encourage everyone to do something along these lines and then at the end of the year we can all look back at what we set out to do and how we achieved it!
I always like the feeling of a new term at uni, no assignments for a good few weeks, just new lectures and new books to read! its always fun for the first few weeks before I start to grapple which questions I will be doing for my assingments and I hope everyone else can just enjoy themselves without getting bogged down worrying about assessments we are here to enjoy our courses not endure them I think for many (myself included sometimes) it can be really easy to just think about exams and assignments and forget to enjoy just learning the subjects and enjoying our lectures, we are only at university for a few years and I cannot believe how quick my degree is going I am so close to finishing now it is quite scary! I dont want it to end! Which is why it is so important to just enjoy ourselves, enjoy our degrees and remember why we are here! It’s not just about the piece of paper at the end its about the experience we have getting it.
I really hope everyone is feeling positive about this year and you all have some exciting plans for the year ahead!
Happy New Year everyone! Let’s make it our best year yet :o)
Izzy x